Couple of questions for O2 Joggler Owners

    Just saw another O2 joggler being sold here and thinking again about getting one of these devices but after search many reviews there are two questions I cannot get definative answers to

    1. I know it is basically a calendar device amongst others but can you sync it to google calendar in any way - either directly or via teh O2 calendar it is linked to? Can you link more than one calendar - i.e. more than one persons calendar

    2. Can you stream music over your local network - i.e. from a NAS

    thanks for any input



    the inbuilt calender function syncs with your online o2 calender and you can have multiple people within it - it will also text reminders etc to you. I think there might be a google calender app as well or if not you can access it via the opera browser.

    The inbuilt media player does streaming but loading up the squeezeplay client is way better!

    Streaming is easy just install tversity on your pc or if you have a nas I think it uses upnp.
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