couple of quick questions about playstation move.

    Hi all, i have a couple of quiick q's about the ps3 move, am getting one for hubby for xmas and want to make sure i get everything needed. I already got one starter pack as i assume you have to have the camera. i am then going to get a second controller but the controller on its own seems to be £34.99 and starter pack was only £39.99 so surely it makes sense to buy second starter pack & sell the disc & camera on .(i have a £7 off a £35 spend voucher so starter pack would cost £33, sell on camera & controller only costs abt £20 ish)

    anyway if i have 2 controller & 1 camera is this all we need ?

    also what is the best game about ? seems like start the party or the sports ones seem most popular but are they the best ?

    thanks for any help.


    Sports champions has games that require only two move controllers (not the navigation thumbstick) like archery and gladiatorial combat (one for sword one for shield).

    It's £22.65 at Amazon and it's the game that comes with the premium starter pack in America.

    Sports Champions is excellent and you do NOT need two move controllers for it. You can play all the events just using one controller. There is an option on certain events to use 2 controllers which increases immersion, but like I said before, Isn't needed and can be played with just one controller.

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    looks like sports champs maybe a goer then, we all love wii sports resort, thanks for the price etc ungreat didnt realise the games were that cheap, was expecting the usual 40quid upwards sting for a ps3 game.

    Sports champions is brilliant and gladiators is a good way to get rid of tension lol

    Someone told me in another thread (DarkKnight I think) that some existing games are getting a Move upgrade, games like Hard Rain.

    Its Heavy Rain and yeah it does have support for the move, also there are a few other games that you can patch for it. On another note I would wait till some other games come out using move, i've had it since launch and its rarely been used as there isn't much out for it at the moment.

    My kids love the move and sports champion. The wii hasnt been touched since.


    was expecting the usual 40quid upwards sting for a ps3 game.

    I've never paid £40 for a PS3 game.
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