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    couple of tesco clubcard questions

    Just wondered when the cut off point for the august clubcard statement is. i.e when do they start sending the vouchers out and stop counting your points towards the august total.
    Also how long does it usually take for your points to be added on after you do a shop because it is usually a few days for me but i did a shop on monday and they haven't been put on and it had 1100 points on it. you reckon i should ring up?


    they never use all the points I think they hold some back on purpose. I think the cut off is next week, last year i in August I used mine for a day out but had to wait til the end of the month to allow time to get the tokens and order the vouchers.

    The cut iff was 27th July!
    Points will be zeroed around the 10th Aug and statements will be sent anytime between then and 9th Sept:thumbsup:
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