Found 6th Sep 2006
Hi i wonder if anyone can help i sent a package with

they are like a middleman who arranges for people like parcelforce tnt anc etc to come pick up your package @ home and deliver it

the problem is last week i sent a laptop (all so paid for extra insurance £250)

the laptop arrived but the box was wet and in turn the laptop inside was wet (and now non working)

i emailed them to make a claim and he then replied back saying read out terms and conditiontions it states you cant claim for pc's laptops tv etc (im geussing to do with them containing glass)

now the major problems i have are as follows

1) when you are booking a collection there is a box which you type the item you are sending when i typed laptop why was there no warning

2)even when i paid for the extra insurance incase it arrived damaged (as you only get £50 covered as standard) still no warning

3)the item never arrived broke because it was dropped etc it arrived broke due to the thanks the item was neglected and allowed to get wet

what can i do anyone i can report this to

or do any of you really smart guys & gals have some ready made template for me to copy and paste to make these guys listen to me :thumbsup:


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I have used P4D many times without problems.
I know about Laptops only being covered for loss and not damage, it is here:-

The following are not covered by insurance regardless of how good the packaging is: Glass, Ceramics, Antiques and anything containing glass i.e. Televisions and monitors.
Computers, laptops, TFT screens/flat panel monitors, printers etc are only insured for loss and delay subject to further conditions below.
In the event of damage all packaging must be kept for inspection. The item must be available for inspection in the state it was delivered, at the address it was delivered to. If the item is moved / repaired or if the packaging is not kept the claim will be rejected.
Please sign 'UNCHECKED' for all parcels if you are unable to check when driver delivers.

If it was wet then the recipient should not have accepted it, why did they?

Regards to points 1&2, you should have read the terms and conditions, Expecting warnings when you put Laptop in the description was expecting a bit too much imo.
Was it worth £250?

Original Poster

it was worth £300+ as thats what was paid for it

it was signed for cos it wasnt noticed all so have u ever tried to sign for a parcel as un-checked they wont let u do it as ive tried

ive used many times never again do this is just beyond a joke what did i pay the dam extra insurance for then, a laugh??

I always sign a parcel as 'unchecked', They have two options, let me sign as 'unchecked' or wait until I inspect it.

Yes, why did you pay for the insurance???
If you read the T&C's you would know a Laptop was not covered anyway, no matter how much insurance you bought.

Sorry to be blunt, but you cannot blame P4D or TNT, ANC etc because you did not read the T&C's.
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