Courier for a small bed and mattress will it be too expensive??

    Hi, i want to buy a bed off ebay, it is a smaller size than a standard bed but not as small as a junior bed. It is far away and they say they will let me sort a courier but i am getting £80 + quotes. Any ideas on what to do. I dont know the exact measurements but the mattress is about 200cm x 90cm x 50cm at a guess and weight i gessed at 50kg.
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    IS it far? If its not just hire a van for a couple of hours (i've done it a few times, usually very cheap) and get a couple of relees or mates and pick it up yourself!

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    its about 157 miles, i cud fit it in the galaxy hopefully and it maybe cheaper like you say, i just wasnt sure if i was missing something with such high prices i keep getting up

    Why off ebay? Is there no where online you can get it? Thats some mileage and pertols not cheap either! And if it doesn't fit when you get there...Uh oh!!

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    i have a really small room and these size beds seem quite rare to be honest

    Have you had a quote from any of the people advertising on ebay? I used the search term 'man and a van' and this is the link;…van

    The ones I looked at travel up and down the country, delivering and collecting. Another delivers/collects anywhere in London for £25.00. May be worth a look.

    If the item is packaged, you could try someone like DHL for a quote.

    there is a site going about on which youi post wat item is and the to and from and ppl 'bid' to deliver.its used by ppl who are taking parts loads etc, mite be worth a shot. i saw it in gumtree lol

    If i was you id sleep on it :thumbsup:

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