Courier for large parcel

    Sorry i know you get fed up of people asking these questions but i need to get a large parcel delivered and can only find very expensive prices.
    the parcel is 20kgs 110cmx60cmx40cm.
    Does anyone know where i can get it delivered the cheapest please.
    Within UK and it doesn't need to be next day


    Try interparcel through quidco if you have it. They give you quotes from different companies and you can choose the one that suits you

    don't know about that size but i sent a 4kg parcel from parcelforce the other day. turned out to be cheaper than most by about £8. you do the math!

    i would go with parcel2go, ive never had any problems with them

    [url][/url] £6.50 for 48hr (they openly state 96% arrive within 24 hours anyway) or £6.99 for 24hr service. Always been prompt and reliable (only used for 4 parcels but all within last week. Thats using DHLL and upto 31kg and upto 120x60x60cm.

    Thanks - looking for exactly the same myself. Just booked parceltree. Bargain!



    Thanks - looking for exactly the same myself. Just booked parceltree. … Thanks - looking for exactly the same myself. Just booked parceltree. Bargain!

    max £100 compensation I believe. T&Cs border on incomprehensible IMHO:-

    Liability of the company

    Note: Where the Customer deals with the Company as a consumer the provisions set out hereunder do not and will not affect his rights under the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 WHEREAS:

    The value of the property intended to be carried and/or delivered under this Agreement and also the amount of any consequential loss which might arise from damage or loss to or of the said property are matters which are better known to and/or more readily ascertainable by the Customer than the Company: However some damage may not be known to the Company but are under the control of the Customer.

    The potential extent of the damage (as defined in below) which might be caused (or be alleged) by the Customer is disproportionate to the sum that can reasonably be charged by the Company under this Agreement:
    The Company is not able to obtain liability cover giving unlimited cover for its full potential liability to its customers under agreements such as this and in any case even liability cover giving limited cover for such liability is more difficult and more expensive to obtain than liability cover in respect of any loss of or damage to his own property
    or of loss arising there from which liability cover the Customer should be able to, and should, obtain:

    The Company is concerned to keep down the costs of the services it provides to its Customers under agreements such as these:

    In the circumstances the Company intends to limit its liability for any damage caused to the Customer (as defined in below) to amounts which are not out of proportion to its charges hereunder, namely the amounts defined in below:

    In this Agreement "damage caused to the Customers consignment" means any damage suffered by the Customer (including for the avoidance of doubt any loss of or damage to any Consignment and loss of any other kind whether direct or consequential), howsoever arising caused by any negligence, breach of duty or other wrongful act or omission (which phrase, wherever it appears in this Agreement, includes any deliberately wrongful act or omission and any breach, howsoever fundamental, of any express or implied term of this Agreement) on the part of the Company its servants or agents:

    It is difficult to investigate claims received weeks after the loss or damage is alleged to have occurred.

    Well, didn't have any bother with either the Parcel2Go or the Parceltree parts of the orders, although DHL failed the collections twice because they couldn't find me and couldn't be bothered to ring. But for the price I don't really care, it would have cost an absolute fortune at the post office.
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