courier forged my signature. what can i do?

Posted 21st Mar 2019
I ordered galaxy s10 plus from eglobaluk about 9 days ago. They shipped via Yodel. I heard mixed things about Yodel, but whatever.

apparently according to their website my parcel was delivered on Tuesday, i was at home during that time, but here the thing, my parcel didn't show up. i figured it must be some error from their side and decided to wait a day before i contact eglobal. My suspicion were confirmed, eglobal contacted the courier and they provided Proof of delivery which have a signature on it... that signature wasn't mine at all, it was too good of a signature. it was clearly forged or someone else signed for the package, i have no idea what i can do

what can i do in this situation? i paid via PayPal, if that helps.
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