Courier status q

    Been waiting for a parcel to be delivered and tracking it online

    Latest status says:

    Date Time Status
    12/01/2010 17:08 Delivered to Letterbox
    12/01/2010 09:32 Courier Received

    Does that "Delivered to Letterbox " mean it was delivered yesterday!??!?!! (IT WASNT!!)


    Yes, through letterbox (but not yours)

    I would hunt your shed/garage too, just incase the courier pressed the wrong button....:thumbsup:

    I got that on one of my delvieries, turned out the delivery driver had delivered, and the courier had proof of delivery & a signature.
    Eventually I got connected to the driver directly and I asked where he had left it, and eventually he twigged he had left it at the correct house number, but the wrong street! - lol
    Definitly worth a call to the courier to start the ball rolling on tracking that one down I afraid.

    fed ex by any chance?

    least you have it! funny though since it's already been delivered....

    About a grands worth of photography equipment was delivered to a road about a mile from me, and when I called the courier they said they are finishing now and I will have to ring the next day!! Needless to say I went mad, they got it back in the end. Amazing that the people who signed for it diddnt think to get in touch with me at all . .

    well they a dodgy company Hermes home delivery apparently tried to deliver my pasta machine from Lakeland 3 times, Lakeland provided me with 3 dates which they had tried after I started chasing where my parcel was....the delivery co have lied on all 3 occassions, I work from home & never received any while you were out type cards nor did my door bell ring or my door get knocked.......they are useless and liars.

    Told Lakeland who didn't appear bothered waiting for refund if they can't deliver first time how will they do it if its reordered

    Beware of this delivery company

    14/01/2011 09:54:55 Delivered to Letterbox

    Not received my parcel either, went through so when I phone Hermes they say that they can't do anything, because the shipment wasn't placed with them direct.

    Got a horrible feeling about this

    can anyone advise me on a number for the hermes delivery company as i have been waiting for a parcel for a week now says it has been delieverd to letter box and yet nobody have even been i have also been charged for the item and want to find out what is going on!

    im in teh same boat ordered something from ebuyer said i signed for it on tuesday 26th Apr which is not possible since i wasnt home....phoned the courier who said to get in touch with ebuyer and vise versa it was £19 worth of goods Im furious as I think the driver has "helped" himself...short of taking them to small claims court not sure what I can do.

    Have your never used Al Courier ?, though their site has been laden with issues lately.
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