Courier to Italy - Help/Advice please

    Looking to send a parcel to italy (sold something on eBay)
    Parcel2go take just over 22 pounds for a parcel up to 10kg.
    So I was looking for a better price and found parcel2ship.
    Would like to know if anyone´s used them before and if their service is good.
    Thanks :-)


    Original Poster

    Anyone? :-)

    Make sure it's top whack insurance, Italy is renowned for none delivery of ebay items. Must be the most common country not to post to after Nigeria.

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    Yeah I heard the italian postal service is BAD.
    Should be ok with tracked signed for courier though?!
    It´s only worth 50 pounds so I won´t need extra insurance as that´s included.

    Wouldn't risk it myself.

    The buyer could potentially get their hands on it without signing and therefore leaving them able to make a claim. I've had things delivered and I didn't sign for them even though a signature was required on delivery - a lazy driver will just sign it himself and chuck it in your garden or leave it on your doorstep.

    Would just sell to the second highest bidder if they're more legit then this Italian person.

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    There was no second highest bidder as the item was sold via best offer....
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