Couriers are always delivering to neoghbours

    Had 2 deliveries in the last 3 weeks not sure couriers but one was City Link.

    Both times my neighbour brings it round and moans at me(how is it my fault)

    Was waiting for a parcel today and waited in all day and at 4.30 the neighbour came round.

    Checked POD online and it didnt show yet, but checked a few hours later and it said delivered at 11.17am!

    I was in then as i woke up at 8am as had SKY installed today.

    What I think is happening is theres nowhere to park outside my house and they are delivering it to the house 2 doors down which has a car parking space outside and mustnt be bothered walking for a few more seconds,

    But dont know.


    We have problems with some couriers, this here being the worst of the lot, parcel was delivered 3 doors down (on the 1st delivery attempt) even with this label on it...

    Neighbour needs to stfu, courier needs to start doing his job.

    I have been having similar problem with royal mail special delivery items and recorded delivery items in the last 4 weeks. Thing is if an item is meant to be delivered today, noone shows up to make the delivery but 2 days later I ll get a note from the post man dated 2 days ago saying that someone came around to make a delivery but no one was at home. its happened twice and I complained to royal mail, It happened again just yesterday, the postman dropped some mail alongside a card saying someone came around earlier in the morning to make a delivery, so i ran after the postman and he took to his heels (he knew something was up ) when i caught up with him and i accused him he said its not him and that its thedriver, he said he cannoy answer any question. I complained again and i was told if it happened a third time royalmail was going to carry out an investigation. Annoying isnt it?

    We have similar problems with home delivery network....last three deliveries that they've made they haven't even tried my door (I know because I've been home on all three ocassions) and they've instead put the parcels over the back gate and into my garden !!

    I don't mind them doing this if I'm not home, but not when I'm in the house and they can't be a*sed to knock !!

    i bought a golf club off ebay the other day, buisness post were delivering it and i was out. they shooved it through my letter box, ripping off the inner cover, scratched my wallpaper opposite, (i have a small hallway) and left half of the packaging outside the door. Phoned and complained to buisness post and they said it had been signed for so couldnt have been them! i took a picture of the item in the door with their label completely showing! They still said it had been signed for! ive checked the signature and it is a circle with a dot in the middle! hey are sending me a claim form!
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