this is a very tall order but does anyone know of a cheap way of sending a cot with mattress high chair and a few other bits from lincolnshire to southampton...and any idea the best way to wrap them....its to far to take down in my car....
    im sure one of you great people will come up with a solution as im trying to do a good turn
    thanks for reading


    Just an idea, but check eBay for any motorbike delivery guys in and around the area. Some take other bits and bobs in their van if they are on a run, and if you let them know what you have, they might do it for a competitive price.


    As above there are alot of "Man With A Van" style services. These are around £100 i do believe but they a good way of getting it there safe...

    Original Poster

    thanks for the expensive....would nearly be cheaper to buy new ones from argos and get them to deliver...oh hum...

    Try listing it on - I use them and they are fab. They match you with drivers/couriers going to your destination.

    Its free to list and you choose whether to accept the bids
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