Courtesy car query....

I had an accident in my car and the garage has fixed the scratch that was made by someone else, yes we got his insurance details etc
Police formely said it was the lorry driver to blame

Anyway, i got the courtesy car with a 3/4 full tank of petrol and its now at quarter, do i have to fill this up again to he level or does the insurance pay for this?

thanks folks


Usually yes ... depends on the agreement with the body shop

I think you have to fill it back up before you give it back

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hmmmmm ok lol

You pay for the petrol you cant claim it back, you would be using petrol in your own car anyway wouldnt you !

lol do your insurance pay for your fuel normally......i want that policy

Yeah you should refill it and this is normally pointed out when you take the vehicle, if you missed that, you might want to check on mileage because some body shops restrict that as well


as a word of warning if you dont fill it up the charge you the earth!! last one we had few weeks ago from europe was £2.10 a litre if it wernt full to the brim

I was in the same situation and yes you have to fill it to the same level as you got it when they gave you rental car.On the rental agreement you should have it stated how much petrol was in the car when you got it.

Ditto to ktony21. Must be same level as when u got it - although they fetched mine back after repairs and didn't fill it up to what it was when I gave it to them! lol. Also restricted me to doing just 100 miles per day.

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yeh there is a thing, they had to travel 20 miles there and 20 miles back.....surely they will have to give my car back to me at the level they go it

what are you serious mate or what???

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3/4 full when i got the car...filled it up to half and handed it back

they looked in the car and all around....nothing said

job done !!!!!!! Muhahahahahaah
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