CousCous/Rice Spicey Salad recipe??

ive been browsing for a while and cant see, to find a decent recipe, weve got a picnic tommorow so dont relay want meat or anything, just a nice couscous or rice salad, with like cherry tomatoes, red onion, corriander, peppers? what else could i put in? also wamt it to have a kick, have all the spices, i was thinking chilli powder and tumeric? any tips would be appricated and any ingredient suggestions except mushrooms, also if it isnt to much to ask, a method? thanks.


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i forgot to add i like the flavour of the nandoes spicy rice, maybe something along those lines?

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also with a dressing, would i need to mix it in when i make it? or when i serve it tommorow?

dressing - just some greek or natural yoghurt with some paprika

don't use spices to hotten up the couscous, use a medium heat chilli cut up very fine, lovely served with toasted pitta bread

I have made a cous cous mixture recently and used vegetable stock to soak the cous cous in, stir fried spring onions with red pepper, sweetcorn, and sundried tomatoes, add this to the cous cous with salt, pepper, chilli powder, lemon juice, fresh oregano and basil, hope this is some help, you can add lots of thing to cous cous, just make it up as you go along.:thumbsup:
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