coverd by insurance when buying a car?

    Hi i have just sold my car and want to look at one tonight,its taxed etc but what i wos wondering is that would my insurance cover me to drive it home and then all i do is change the detils on my insurance when i get home?my insurance says if your over 25(which i am) then your coverd 3rd party when driving other cars that you dont own.



    my insurance covers me to drive other cars but to be on the safe side why dont you give them a call?

    Legally NO because you no longer own the car which your insurance covers you to drive other vehicles 3rd party only!!?

    If something happened on your way home you would not be covered because you would have to supply all the car documents for your car which you sold (logbook, mot etc)

    Usually you're covered thirdy party IF the other vehicle you're driving is insured by someone else.

    Just phone youre insurance company and change the details

    No you are not covered unless your policy specifies that you are entitled to drive any vehicle.

    You need to speak to the insurance company first, even if you can't give them full details of the car they can give you temp cover until you can update them.

    no you need to get NEW cover before you drive it if it was from a garage they would want something faxed from insurance company before you could take it if its a private sale your not covered by your old insurance

    You will not be covered, you are either going to have to go back after changing your insurance over if you buy the car, or get someone else who has Fully Comp insurance to drive it home for you. They will be covered to drive other cars (not owned by them) third party.

    phone the insurance company after youve checked out the car and get the nsurance swapped over then youd be immediatly covered to drive it

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    thanks for the advice guys,im with e car insurance and you can there only web based but might be able to do it on my blackberry phone before i drive it home

    I agree you wouldnt be insured,It is only possible to have one insurance policy on a car ,That means if the person who bought your car got insured then your insurance is automatically void,

    change your insurance to any car, ( it will cost you lots though!)

    You could ask the seller to drive it to your home, assuming that it is insured for him.

    You answered your own question mate :lol:

    then your coverd 3rd party when driving other cars that you dont own.

    Note, the registered keeper is not necessarily the owner........ ;-)

    Check you policy mine alows me to drive a car i have just bought, you really need to check , as all policys are different so no one can give you a difinitave answer on here
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