Coverwise - insurer - unauthorized money transaction on my card

Found 5th Feb 2018
Coverwise - decided after 18 months, of me last time dealing with them, to take some money out of my account.

Halifax credit card operator says that I need to contact them before they can process my complaint. Is it true?

They don't even have e-mail that you can use to keep track of the messages.

What is the time I should give them to answer to on-line form they have on website?…spx

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The first line says they aim to answer within 24 hours. Not sure how much clearer they can make it.
Did that to my daughter too but as she said she was going to look for insurance anyway so kept it. Im best telling her to get in touch with them.
Fill in form at base of page and snapshot it before sending
Reasonable time. If you had no reasonable expectation of the charge (and 18 months is a very odd timeframe) then 5 working days. If the charge is out of the blue then I would start proceedings without delay, If the charge was over £100 and less than £30,000, you may have a claim under S75 rules and be able to hold Halifax equally liable. See here…ses DO not expect Halifax to help you voluntarily. Expect to have to fight them
OP - please update this thread when you get this resolved - interested to see how this turns out.

Well done for spotting the charge! Good luck!

It was auto renewal of policy I bought for 3 party.
No 21day notification about auto renewal sent

In the process of claiming money back

I explained everything in detail but then @hotukdeals decided to inform me that I made mistake in my post and removed everything I have written

updates later
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