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Coverwise travel insurance WHY SO CHEAP? Coverwise.co.uk

Posted 26th Mar 2014
Quote is £24 for an annual travel policy for 2 people over 50 (couple). Seems unbelievably cheap.

Medical Expenses £10,000,000
Cancellation £1,000
Baggage £1,000
Personal Accident £10,000
Personal Liability £2,000,000
Excess upto £200
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who is the underwriter? always check as they are the ones responsible for the large medical claims which is the main purpose of travel insurance.
I believe its AXA
Our policies are provided by AXA Insurance UK plc part of the AXA Group, one of the world’s largest insurers, and all medical assistance and claims services are operated by AXA Assistance Services who are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

I believe its AXA

then sounds very good value. seems to have good reviews on trustpilot for purchase process. no bad reviews posted for claims handling and AXA seems to have reasonable reviews for an insurer.

only reservation is that they are based in gibralta so more difficult to make a complaint to the ombudsman if things go wrong.
We have had a nightmare with coverwise...caution before you buy! They were great at covering my medical costs abroad...but they refused to pay for my partner's extra nights stay in the hotel while i was in hospital and also his reaaranged flight home...even though he was named on the JOINT policy!!! They said he should have left me there and got the original flight home!!! Also trying to claim taxi/phone call costs etc has been extremely difficult once back in the uK, coverwise and AXA keep passing us back and forth between them and nobody has a clue what is going on. To make matters worse, a 20 minute phonecall to coverwise (fromUK) tryong to sort all this out has cost me £7:33!!! (From a mobile, I don't have a land line). Not happy.
I am like Laura - they seem good value but they are one insurer that does not want to pay out. Despite three reads not picking up anything untoward in the terms and conditions, a number of exceptions came through on the claim call which led to them rejecting a legitimate claim. They don't cover any of your original costs - they only cover additional ones. And even then, they aren't to sure about that one.

Beware. I still can't find it which means I am having to take it further. As a seasoned traveller, their refusal on this basis means that the insurance is as good as useless. Better insurance is available elsewhere at the same price. Also note the 0844 number that you have to call on - they call you back on a 01747 number so it's just a trick to make more money. Please pay £2 more and get a proper insurer.
Does annual trip insurance (worldwide) cover broken mobile screens? Got it broken couple of weeks ago abroad someone said i could be able to claim it. Please advice.
I went with coverwise because they seemed good value for money and were straightforward when I bought my insurence for a single trip. While away I developed a water infection and ended up on a drip in the hospital. The overall medical care I needed cost around £1000. When I got home I was told that they needed my medical information from my doctor. So my doctor sent across my files, they then informed my doctor that they needed all of my medical records from childhood. I'm 55 years old, my doctor doesn't have all of those records, no one does. My doctor also informed me that she had never heard of such nonsense. Normally for a water infection that needs hospitalisation the insurence just pays out since it a common illness that can strike anyone and is no ones fault. She told she had no idea why it was taking coverwise so long to respond. After 10 weeks of being ignored or sent on pointless errends I've just been informed that they will not be paying out because I failed to disclose that I'm on medication for my menopause. And that I failed to disclose that I was depressed for a few months, 6 years ago. These two things have nothing to do with a water infection. They didn't give me a higher chance of getting one and menopause isn't considered an illness so why was I expected to declare that. The majority of women go through menopause, they don't put it down as a current illness. Its ridiculous and the fact that it took them 10 weeks to inform me of this has me convinced that they were just looking for an excuse not to pay out.

They make it really easy to take your money but impossible for you to claim if there's an emergency which is the whole point of insurance. Overall they are cheap yes but they are also the worst insurance company I have evr been with and its better to pay a little bit more but know that your taken care of.
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