Covid 19 and team sports

Posted 19th Mar
Hello all
Does anyone know what the official advice is regarding team sports ie football and Coronavirus is ? I'm asking because the company I work for run a football pitch and they have refused to close even even though all other leisure facilities have closed.
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Kinda goes against the whole social distancing
Professional football has stopped until end of April, so...
_Whatever_19/03/2020 20:04

Kinda goes against the whole social distancing

Exactly what we staff who are forced to be here think !
Close the pitch
Mugginz19/03/2020 20:11

Professional football has stopped until end of April, so...

It's not professional just groups of the public coming in.
All 'grassroots' football was stopped by the FA on Monday
Our government seem to be less Draconian than others, and I'm not sure I like that.

Italy demanded restaurants and bars close. Our government told people that they shouldn't go to restaurants and pubs, but let establishments remain open.

Officially, the business can do as it likes. And it's a business. It needs to make money.

I used to love a game of football. If I still played, I tend to think I wouldn't be playing in a time like this. Lots of close contact. Lots of sweat. Lots of panting. And you can't really play wearing facemasks.

To add to the direct issue of potentially spreading the virus, with the NHS under growing pressure, sports with a risk of injury probably aren't wise. The doctors and nurses are already under enough pressure, which is only going to get worse, and people adding totally avoidable recreational injuries into the pot isn't ideal.

I expect our government will follow others and close sports centres and gyms somewhere in the near future.

It's something the government needs to do, as companies generally aren't going to close the doors to good money voluntarily.
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