COVID-19 Essentials store

Posted 22nd Jun
Would you visit one or boycott it?…ce/

Personally I would boycott it if it were here in the UK. Consumerism at its worst
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They are selling items some people want to buy. How dare they
Consumerism? It's just selling a range of items, that people want to buy, in one place. It's a complete and utter non-issue. If people can get their hands on the items easily then good.
As long as the prices are reasonable, they should open more.
Buying fancy trainers or the latest phone is consumerism*, not essential supplies.

* Clearly not in all cases - just an example.
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How is that any different from some clothing retailers now selling high end masks? Someone’s been pro-active to setup shop and make the most of the opportunity good on them for providing the service
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