Covid 19 support group and Kindle ebook

Posted 19th Apr
Hello. The other night I tried to post a deal to the link the doctor gave my girlfriend for covid 19 supports groups. She as multiple sclerosis and is on immunotherapy infusions but was not deemed extremely vunerable. We're new into our neighbourhood and were really struggling without food/support etc. Finding that link was a lifesaver and we got food delivered the same evening by a local support group.

Now. I feel disappointed more people cannot benefit from this link and get support. I see on hot deals many deals for ebooks on Kindle that were never charged for and contain just one or two pages about some rubbish that go very hot on here and get seen by alot of people on here. Ebooks that are free and always been free

I was wondering if someone who knows about writing kindle ebooks could write a few pages and post a ldeal to the link to this covid 19 support group search engine and others so more people could gain support. I'm sure alot of people you're in the same situation as me and my partner were would appreciate it.
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