Coving external corners

    I am just attempting my first job at coving (polystyrene). The No More Nails that was suggested is great and is sticking the coving to my artex ceiling. I have bought a MacAllister coving mitre from B & Q which is suitable for 100 mm and 127 mm coving - it also says that it has a 45 degree and a 90 degree angle. I have now managed to work out how to cut the internal corners, after several mistakes, however, I can't get my head how to cut the external ones? Are external corners cut at the same degree angle as the internal ones, do you have to flip the coving over to cut these corners? I've followed the diagram, so I thought, but the corners don't look right? Any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you.


    try videos on YouTube too hard for me to explain on here. best thing do is when u find a good one watch it once then watch it again and pause it at differnet stages whilst u try it urself.

    If you don't have the special template, find a box to use as your 90 degrees. Place a length of the coving on the edge as if it were your wall then overlap another then mark where they cross both inside and out. Keep the coving against the box and cut directly down. I found it easier to cut lengths of about 2 feet for either side as they are easier to work with then just glue straught lengths as fillers between the corners.

    I told you you'd struggle!

    You cut it so the inside angle is on the edge of the corner and then cut to 45° (the outside of the coving strip will overhang)
    Hopefully makes sense, of course easy to visualise it, but use some offcuts to practice

    When you cut a internal mitre your are also cutting an external mitre at the same time. One on the right of the saw blade and one on the left. In this picture the right side of saw is an external mitre and the left is a internal.

    Oh. The coving is upside down in the block. Trust me... You can't cut it the right way up.. Had that argument with many trainees.. You just can't. Try if you want but it won't work.. It's the only way to cut it . upside down. The saw is touching what would be the bottom of the cove when fitted, although the top when cutting. Draw on cove before you cut and mark top and bottom. Bottom should be at the top when you cut.. There are only 4 possible mitres you can cut. You think it would be easy.

    Where folks go wrong is. They cut an external mitre then offer it up, but upside down thinking it's an internal mitre. The angle is all wrong.

    Wayners is correct. If you are cutting an internal corner the piece it leaves is an external corner of the opposite hand. In the picture above he shows a right hand internal corner cut on the right of the saw. It leaves a right hand external corner to the left of the saw.

    What I did the first time I did coving many years ago is cut a set of samples for both internal and external corners.

    I've cut more mitres than I care to mention and I still get it wrong every now and then. I usually have a sacrificial piece to practise on. It isn't as straightforward as you think. Persevere, you'll get there
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