CPC Farnell failing to honour specifications

Found 28th Feb 2018
I bought some LED lamps from them with a stated lifetime of 30,000 hours, about 3.4 years if left on continously!

One failed after 18 months of normal use (maybe 6 to 8 hours a day), far short of the expected lifespan. I expect others will fail too as it's probably a bad batch.

I contacted their sales/support and got fobbed off repeatedly, it's clear that they have no intention of honouring the specification.

Has anyone else had problems with CPC and had success forcing them to fulfil reasonable warrany conditions?

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you do know its not a guarantee don't you. Some places will exchange as a goodwill gesture but most wont.
a specification is a specification. either it fulfils it or it doesn't. I feel that this is different from a warranty.

anyway, after sending them a link to this thread they replied and said...

|Good Afternoon
|Thank you for the email. I have spoken to my manager and they have agreed that on this occasion
|we will raise a full refund for this lamp. Please dispose of it and we will refund your card
|With Apologies
surely that's more of a manufacturer issue than a sales issue, unless CPC manufacture the product? I could be totally wrong as I have no retail experience
I think it's more that a part of the item should have a lifetime of 30,000 hours, some lamps will be more and some will be less, but other parts of the lamp may fail before that, so we'll give you a one year warranty.
I have had this with regards to Phillips bulbs and Medlocks. They were brilliant and replaced 2 without quibble.
i have cpc ones and they state on the packet it should last 25 years on average use of 3 hours a day. i don't hold out much hope of them lasting 2 years and one had already gone off after a year and a bit, but when i took it out and put it back in, it seems to be working again.

i doubt i would get anything from them if i did raise a query on the blatant lie (misadvertising) on their packets. i obviously did not buy them expecting them to last 25 years, but more like 2 years. i aint that dumb to fall for their crap.
30,000 hours is without any on/off cycles. It's the switching them on and off that kills them.
the specification on their website of 30,000 hours lifetime doesn't have any conditions on it.

if they want to fudge the issue, they could say "up to 30,000 hours" or "30,000 hours under optimum conditions of heat dissipation and no on-offs".
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