CPU Fan Speed.

Hey, i have my 1st built pc up and running now, but it seems the cpu fan is running to fast i think as its making alot of noise! is there anything i can do about this? pc is so noisy.

Cheers, Sean,


what cpu and board are you using, give us some information and we can help

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its a amd 64 dual core 5200+ and the mobo is a gigabyte ga-m61pme-s2

hope this helps

i cant get a big enough picture to see the board, the plug for your cpu fan, is it 3 pin or 4, if it is 4 pin then it is controlled in the bios, if its 3 pin then it will stay at full speed, i only use intel chipsets so they may differ

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its a 4 pin i think i will let you knoe 100% in about an hour when i open it up to check

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I just checked and its a 4 pin, and says on the mobo cpu fan.

try going into bios and changing it, if it lets you, i think thats how i usually do it, been a while now

when you installed the drivers for the motherboard you may have had a utility disc with a program which controlls part of your board, like fan control, bios changes overclocking cpu etc.

but im pretty sure ive got an option to change cpu fan speed to auto or whatever i want in my bios. i could be wrong though

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i tried that but i dunno how to change it. any ideas, i will try that driver thing soon.

try going to the motherboards manufacturers site, may have some info on there which may help

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ok cheers, its a gigabyte

ive sorted it for you, here you go


this is your easy tune program look at the smart fan button, this is what you need, leave rep, cheers

I assume the fan speed never changes at all, even during bootup? The bios hsould have basic control of the fan and may also give you temperature readings, I think it's worth checking the temperatures you're running because if they're high it would force the fan to run at full speed constantly. While it doesn't sound like this is the case, I'd still check it before manually changing the fan speed as you may not give your system adequate cooling and lead to thermal shutdowns.


did you put the heatsink and fan on yourself, did it come with thermal paste already on it or did you have to apply it, is the heatsink and fan clamped on properly

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yeah it had paste on it already but i put some artic silver on aswell, i will try that program 2moro and let you know lol

you put artic silver on top of the paste that was already on it !!!

That is not good, the thermal paste should be a very thin layer just to fill the minute gaps when the heatsink is clamped tightly onto the processor. Too much thermal paste will actually reduce the cooling as it impedes the heat transfer from processor to heatsink - if you have applied your own thermal paste on top of the existing thermal pad or paste then this will mean your system will need to run the fan constantly at high to overcome the poor thermal contact. To overcome this you need to remove both processor and heatsink, clean off whatever is on them then reapply a very thin layer of thermal paste on the processor then reattach the heatsink.


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I used that program easy tune that was in 1 of the posts and it seems to of done the job! it says the cpu temp is 28-30c and the system is 33 - 35c, whats the normal temp it should be running at?

take your cpu out and clean with some nail varnish remover, do becareful, also do the same with your heatsink, the easiest thing i found for putting artic silver on is a stanley blade, get a nice shiney blade you need a very tiny amount of paste, just smaller then a grain of rice, use the blade to pull the paste across the cpu covering the top, it may look like a tiny amount but believe me it will be enough.

not sure im running a Q6600 quad core which is a 2.4g but overclocked on air to 3.4g and it runs at 36c

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shall i remove both pastes then and only apply the 1 artic silver paste? and would this do anythin to my fan speed?

yes mate, your temps will drop to about 26c, your fan speed will drop to roughly 600rpm, then speed up as you use your system, for instance when you play a game expect it to get faster

how did you get on
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