CPU Temp in single digits!

Found 31st Aug 2007
I've just installed an absolutely massive Zalman fan and all is operational except that my cpu temp is reading between 7 and 12 degrees, obviously way too low to be right so any ideas what I've done wrong?
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what cpu?

also not all cpu temp readings are accurate - depending on MOBO you could be reading the temp of the air passing through - which again seems a little low
I'm guessing maybe the fan isn't seated correctly and is blowing the cold air towards the temp sensor?, Maybe?
cpu is a pentium d 3.2ghz, temps were reading 40-50 before swapping out the intel fan. the fan is a zalman cnps7700, sits a few inches above the motherboard and blows air out the system fan.
cnps9700 actually
although i have been on the beer - i would say this level of cooling would not be possible

pop the old fan on for a min and see if the temp shoots up

if not it seems like a damaged sensor
pop the old fan on? like it didn't just take me 2 hours to remove the motherboard and fit this one??!
Surely that's not possible as all a fan does is circulate the air in the room and to get that cold it'd have to come from outside??

2 hours!!!

spiders! - in that case leave it on and hope

mrduckface - im not a phyics man - but could a pc fan go so fast it brings in some kind of futuristic wind chill factor?

pop the old fan on? like it didn't just take me 2 hours to remove the … pop the old fan on? like it didn't just take me 2 hours to remove the motherboard and fit this one??!

2 hours is way too long. Looks like you need more practice, put the old fan back on :giggle:
you tell him brother!
That's nowt, i once spent about 1 hour building my current pc looking at the case, the cables from it and the mobo trying to connect the firewire cables from the case to the mobo which didn't support them and spent ages trying to figure out how to connect the sound cable (note singular) to the mobo which spoke of seven separate cables :oops:when it was only one plug with 7 sockets on so two hours for fan/mobo is kinda good :thumbsup:
crisis over! updated the bios which has recalibrated the sensors and now reading 33 degrees....nice!
Speedfan is a useful little app for monitoring of your system
speaking of I never understood those sound cables that go in mobo, I have like headphone l Headphone R, speakers, and power etc.

only 7 pins but about 12 single cables! eventually meant I couldnt get headphone socket or phono socket on front of case to work! as well as usb port
sounds nice and cool! is it noisy?
way quieter than the intel one, (think that had a problem anyway) that's on the slowest speed of 1200rpm too, been playing DiRT for a while which usually sends my fan into hyperspace and puts my temps in the high 50's...the temp never went above 42
Hows 82 for a temp reading..... fujitsu engineer coming out for the 6th time.... having terrible over heating probs with laptop,ever since bought new! Demanding a new desk top now as its always happening. There Customer Service is disqusting!
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