Cracked iphone3GS screen

    Hey folks,

    My iphone jumped out of my pocket while running, and the screen is pretty smashed up, but the phone is in workable order. I do have it insured as part of my halifax reward account, was just wondering if anyone had been through these guys before, will they send me a new phone, or try and fix my current one.....reluctant to send it off only to be given a refurb phone.

    Anyone had any experience with iphone insurance, specifically cracked screens input would be much appreciated.



    Does the touch screen still work? As in, the screen may be cracked but you can still use the phone? If so, it is a fairly straightforward and inexpensive fix if you are handy with a little bit of diy.

    Otherwise, which is worst: having a potentially refurb phone, or a broken one

    Having said that, I dropped my iPhone down the toilet not too long ago and had to pay £140 at the apple store to have it replaced by a refurb, which as far as I can tell is brand new. I was told by the rep in the store that they have to label them as "refurbs" otherwise they would need to provide a full 1 year's warranty. So you may well end up with a new phone that has simply been labelled as a refurb.

    if its under 1 year old apple will replace the screen they did mine not a drama

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    The screen does still work surprisingly well yea, you just get little bits of screen in your fingers now and then. Have looked online and seems you can get a new screen got around £50.00, but then excess is only £30.00 so may as well go that route.

    As regards apple replacing it, it is within year warranty....but the standard warranty doesn't cover accidental damage as far as I am aware.

    Cheers for responses
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