Found 23rd Sep 2008
I bought a Samsung U600 when it came out in August 2007 for £140. Unfortunately, it's screen got cracked in one corner even though I really looked after the phone (it has not even a scratch apart from the crack) about 3 months ago.

The phone worked fine then and it still works well. However, the crack is starting to become bigger with time.

Is it possible to get the phone repaired? Are there any other suggestions regarding what I should do?


Samsungs are notorious for having bad screens. You can argue that it isn't fit for purpose, but you will have a fight on your hands.

You really should have addressed the matter when the crack was small.

This phone is prone to screen crack, happened to my friends one.

i thought i cracked the corner of my screen until i dropped it again and then the crack moved so i took it apart to find out it was a hair!!!!!so check first.


u should be able to get something from Ebay; I just cracked my N95 screen when out MTB'ing the other day... got a new screen (with tools!) for £20 on the way from Hong Kong; there's videos on YouTube too that show you how to fix it!!
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