cracked screen phone insurance

    I must be the most clumsy person going for the 3rd time in 6 months I've smashed my iPhone screen, so I'm just wanting to know if anyone has broke there phone and then got it insured then claimed for the damage, I know it's a bit naughty but I just don't want to fork out for the repair again, any advice good or bad is much appreciated


    think you need to have had the insurance for at least 3 months? could be wrong...

    If you are that clumsy :-
    a) don't trust yourself with an overpriced phone
    b) get insurance from day1 - retrospective claims are rarely if ever entertained

    If you take out an insurance policy and If you then lie about when the damage happened its fraud ! It's not worth it

    Buy something more suited to how you are with your phone. Take a look at a CAT S60.

    its not " a bit naughty " its fraud which helps push other ppls premiums up or lands you in trouble

    Erm.... "the bad".... for the current broken screen.... , you broke it, you should pay for it. You could have taken insurance after the first and second time.

    Why don't you use a tempered glass screen protector to try and protect for the future, along with a quality case if you don't already have one?


    Replace it yourself.

    Switch to a Chinese android phone. Who cares if you damage as you could afford to replace the phone. Loads listed here on hukd. More fun to trying them out and changing when your bored with them. IPhone is a good phone but 5 times the cost you really need to fork out for.

    I claimed on my home contents insurance , sorted within 5 working days

    I got the nationwide back account I think it is called flux account . Ten pounds a months pay £25 pounds excess when I claim. Since I drop something on the screen and have the o get it replaced. There is a max of claim you can made in a year and you get other benefits with the account as well like roadside assistance and travel insurance. I had it a few years and loved it
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