Cracked windscreen, is it safe and legal to drive?

Posted 20th Sep 2017
Does anyone know the legality of driving with a cracked windscreen? I jumped in the car today for the first time in 2 weeks and noticed it's got a huge 15" crack right along the lower driver side of the windscreen.

I've booked an appointment to replace it but my windscreen is apparently 'special' so can't be obtained until Monday and I need to drive 30 odd miles on Saturday.

is it legal\safe? it's not restricting vision etc.

many thanks
Darren ?

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I wouldn't risk it , especially if there's lots of pot holes.
I don't know about the legality but I've driven with windscreens as bad as that before. I've never had one shatter on me. I've even watched the repairer take the windscreen out and it never even shattered then, levering the corners with a prybar to break the seal.

Why not take it for a short slow drive around where you live tomorrow to build some confidence that it's not going to shatter.
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From this…ns/

"Driving with a cracked windscreen can be considered a motoring offence. It could constitute use of a motor vehicle in a dangerous condition.

The Highway Code states that drivers should have a full view of the road ahead and glass should be maintained in a good condition. A cracked windscreen can obscure driver view - if a motorist is stopped, it could result in a fixed penalty of three points on their licence and a fine.

If you're driving with a cracked windscreen and you have an accident, you could be charged with a more serious driving offence. The accident could be your responsibility because you were driving with a damaged windscreen."

Looks like it is down to whether or not the crack obscures vision - I'd suggest at the moment your's doesn't.
It could have just happened if you get pulled over? I once had someone put a brick through my windscreen, it caused big cracks on the passenger side, next day I had to drive about 10 miles to get it replaced, it didn't get any worse during the journey, personally I'd take the chance BUT it could crack completely.
The legality is obstructing your vision
I've driven with worse till it was replaced
Very doubtful it will shatter , the crack will just get bigger
It's not obscuring your vision (You're not a midget, are you?). It is a laminate screen, so unlikely it will deteriorate to such a degree as to become dangerous. In 'the old days' when screens were toughened it wouldn't have cracked at all, just shattered. Does the crack come all the way through, can you feel it on both sides of the glass? Just curious really, it doesn't make much difference.
It wont shatter as its laminated, i wouldnt hesitate to use it
as mentioned, its probably legal but potentially unsafe.

if you have any other means of transport, use it. otherwise, i would guess you are ok to drive. it is not obstructing your vision and you have made arrangements for it to be changed.

not that i'm a legal expert, though.
If the screen is cracked anywhere within the sweep of the wipers, ( as a rule of thumb ) then consider it illegal. If seen by plod, depending on whether they have filled their quota of " nicks " or are in a hurry to get some r&r, you may or may not get done.
I once asked about driving mine with a cracked windscreen and the only thing I was warned about was that the airbag if deployed could pop the screen out.

if it were me I would not worry about it, just as long as it wasn't affecting my vision.
That scratch looks to me like its in Zone A, a scratch in zone A is an MOT failure if its over 10mm, much more likely to get nicked if its in Zone A, what they charge you with is using a motor vehicle in a dangerous condition.

Cracked screens don't get worse though, if it wasn't in zone A I would have said don't worry.…ns/
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Cheers for the replies everyone, I'm supposed to be driving me and two mates to a venue on Sat so might see if I can nick the wife's car as the location is on loads of bumpy country roads.

I did a quick drive today and I can't feel it from the inside but it's bloody huge and does catch on the wiper

At least my excess was on £60
Driven with much worse. It is safe though possibly not legal.
Just remember a valid MOT doesn't let you off driving round with something that constitutes an MOT failure.

Got to say I've also driven with much worse, but not in that position.
Totally legal. But if in front of eye line when driving it will not pass mot
999kernow6 m ago

Totally legal. But if in front of eye line when driving it will not pass …Totally legal. But if in front of eye line when driving it will not pass mot

It doesn't have to be in your field of view to fail MOT, check the link I posted
Son who's an mot tester said it does
999kernow7 m ago

Son who's an mot tester said it does

Maybe he should get a new career.
I'll tell you both
That won't pass a mot , if it does it's bent or the tester is blind
Saying that I can't see the police stopping you for a cracked windscreen
That's a hell of a eyesight if they spot that whilst driving
Having stuff stuck on the inside of the drivers window like sat navs and phone holders count as a obstruction and the police do nowt about that
You won't feel it from the inside but as mentioned the crack will just get bigger
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