Cradle for Tom Tom One

Getting so annoyed at my sat nav falling off the windscreen all of the time, the suction cap doesn't stick too well. Can anyone recommend any kind of cradle that i can buy or how to make the suction cap stick better? Has anyone else had this problem?


Yep. Mine is dire as well, falls off more often than my old version tomtom.

I have exactly same problem with Tom Tom One. Have tried everything to make it stick but no joy. If you find a solution please post it.

o/h said his non-original works better he got off ebay!

he said he paid about £7.50 including a car charger-mount dunno what else..i can try to find details?

Spit on it that usually works, Make sure you have some wet wipes to clean the smears off your windscreen though. I have the same problem with my TomTom.

Brodit Mounts are good and are highly recommended. ]http//ww…tle

I get this problem, so I bought disposable lens cleaners for glasses ( usually at poundland 100 for 50p) and wipe the windscreen and the suction bit and leave for to seconds. A quick bit of spit (everyone does this, whether they admit it or not) and bob's your auntie's fancyman. No more falling off just when you get to a horrenously difficult roundabout/junction.

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Thanks guys, will check out your links, some of the mount holders are a bit pricey, but will save a lot of frustration esp as you get to those difficult roundabouts as you said castortroy. Will try the spit trick too. Infact so fed up with it, i'll just about try anything. On the whole the tom tom one is great if only it would stay on the blooming windscreen!

Try these. This is what I use

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Try these. This is what I use

Thanks for that, i'm going to try the 'spit' thing next time i use it, if it doesnt work i will prob go for this:thumbsup:

I had the same problem.

Rang up Tom tom to complain and was told to push the sucker tight onto the windscreen and then whilst it is tight on glass pull back the lever.

Only fell off again when I quickly put it on without doing the above.

Works for me.

i got a new one off ebay it fits onto your air vent simple push fit ,(harder to get off)i paid about £7.50 but worth its weight in gold just make sure you get the right one for your tomtom model
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