(Craft question) What's the best material to use inside storage box, similar to polystyrene but not?

Posted 15th Oct
I purchased those wooden boxes from the works (theworks.co.uk/p/c…365)

My partner collects hockey pucks as she is a fan, and she must have atleast 10 at this point. I have figured out the boxes can hold 6 side by side, flat. The bottom of the box is big enough to stack up to store 12, and then the lid could hold another 6, for a total of 18.

Pucks are quite heavy so standard foam likely isn't going to hold them in place - especially the ones in the lid which need to not fall out when being opened.

A material that can be cut easily to size and shape, with the properties of polystyrene, and that doesn't look horrible would be great, polystrene looks cheap and I have never had good experiences when cutting it..

is there any inexpensive materials that would be good?
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Pick and pull foam?

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What about the type of foam use in camera cases? Or even the foam from yoga type mats or camping roll, that can be stacked and laminated into layers with contact adhesive, if say it takes 3 layers to make the height of a puck make the hole in the centre one a little smaller so it grips better. I have used the bed rolls to make a motorcycle seat.
memory foam
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