Crap connection!!!

Found 15th May 2007
Im with pipex and tonight is the worst night for my internet speeds!! 183 kbps were on up to 8mb and i get 183!! im so peed off as im trying to stream stuff and it wont!!! what could be the problem???
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This is what they sent me when I emailed them about my slow speeds...Hope it helps you!

**If you are experiencing slow internet speeds, please follow these … **If you are experiencing slow internet speeds, please follow these instructions** STAGE ONE – Basic checks1. Do a speed test at Make a record of your speed so you can compare your results after following our instructions. 2. Disable any peer-to-peer software that you may have running (e.g. Kazaa, Limewire, BitTorrent software, etc) as these can be a considerable drain on your connection. 3. Run a full virus check on your PC. If you don’t have any antivirus software you can run a free online scan at; http://housecall.trendmicro.com4. Check your PC for spyware. Two programs we recommend are “Spybot Search & Destroy” and “Lavasoft Ad-Aware”. Both can be found on our installation disc in the Software folder (PC only). You can find more information about Spyware at 5. Test your connection in your master phone socket, with all other phone equipment unplugged to rule out any problems caused by extension leads, filtering or internal wiring. If you find speeds improve at this point it suggests that you may not have filtered your broadband correctly. To find out more about how to set up your filters correctly go to; you are still experiencing slow speeds, please proceed to STAGE TWOSTAGE TWO – Detailed speed testOver a 24 hour period, we need you to run 5 tests throughout the day and record the date, time and reference number of each test (see below). Go to; Every time you run a test, you will also need to make a note of your IP Address. (The simplest way to do this is to go to and make a note of the number – it will look something like “”) We also advise that you temporarily disable any firewall you have running – as this may distort the speed test results. TEST ONEDate;Time;Reference Number;IP Address;TEST TWODate;Time;Reference Number;IP Address;TEST THREEDate;Time;Reference Number;IP Address;TEST FOURDate;Time;Reference Number;IP Address;TEST FIVEDate;Time;Reference Number;IP Address;STAGE THREE – Reporting the results back to us. You can report your test results back to us either by phone (0870 1423 450) or by replying to this email. To help us investigate your problem, we will also need you to provide us with the following information;1. A number we can use to contact you during the day; 2. The speed of your broadband service - 150k/512k/1Mb/2Mb/up to 8Mb ;3. Your Operating System - inc any Service Packs. (E.g. Win XP, Mac OS10.4): 4. Status of lights on Modem: 5. Is modem in master socket?: 6. Do the slow speeds occur only at certain times of the day, or are they continuous?: 7. When did problem start?: 8. What are you doing at the time of the fault (E.g. downloading large files/does it only drop when idle): 9. Do you have any other equipment on the line that may affect service, such as fax machine?: 10. Is your telephone line working ok?: 11. Has the modem been re-installed?: 12. Have the micro filters been switched?: 13. Do slow speeds occur on particular web sites? If so, which ones (we cannot assist with problems relating to individual websites): 14. Have you checked for Spyware and viruses?: 15. Do you run any peer-to-peer file-sharing software?: -------------------------------------------- Managed by Request TrackerThis e-mail is subject to: Homecall Ltd, Christie Fields, Derwent Avenue, Manchester M21 7QS. Registered in England and Wales, Company Registration Number 4063120

They're probably doing some work on the lines. Have you double checked your spyware/antivirus?
Just double checking now and thanks birdy ive done that same thing 5 times in the past, testing over 24 hours and they still dont know the problem!!

They're probably doing some work on the lines.

Don't British Rail use that excuse as well?

Don't British Rail use that excuse as well?

And Pete Doherty & Kate Moss. :thumbsup:
haha that was funny :giggle:
When you got rate adaptive ADSL what speed did they guesstimate you at? You have tried the modem/router in the Master socket/NTE5.

The one that looks like this, removing the face plate as in the picture will (in theory,unless it's been star wired) disconnect all the internal extension wiring, if you have any. You then know it's that the issue is with your ISP/BT.

(either a photo at an angle or the engineer installing it was drunk!)
now my text is doing weird stuff like over lapping and stuff
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translated means

this is what it types like but if i use msn i can translate it by copy and pasting
I know you're not on Sky Broadband, but have a look over on There are loads of topics regarding increasing your line-speed that can be traced back to internal wiring etc. Its worth a look. When I was on Virgin (bah!) The max I could get was 1.5meg on a good day, following some tinkering (!!) I was able to increase my linespeed to 5.5meg... But then I moved to Sky - now I get the full 8 meg constant!!!
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