crap laptop from ebay

What did I do, I bought a laptop from ebay he sayed it had some marks on lid.
Well I got it today and its dented and scratched the screen is awful and he said it had a wireless card well if it does it wont flippin connect and I have set up 3 already so i know what I am doing.
I paid through paypal I have asked him for a refund which he hasnt responded yet anything else I can do can I stop the payment going from my card etc.
Any help aprreciated


How much was it? I think if it's under £500 your covered, not sure though.

Go through resolution centre in paypal 'item not as described'. They're spot on whenever I have needed to use them. HTH, Liz

Create a dispute ASAP, then paypal will freeze any money in his account to help you recover yours. State it as item not as described.

Just raise a claim through paypal. You are fully covered so will get the money back. I think money will go out of your account if it already hasnt. You will also have to pay for the return postage - make sure you send it by a method that requires signature!

Best of luck

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Ok ty I will do that now
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