Crazy Deals from Voda or human error?

    Okay, so I've been on 12 month contracts for the past 3 or 4 years from voda. For the last 2 I've been paying about £23pm for 200mins 500texts.

    Earlier in the week I dropped down to the Sim only deal for £10 which bags me 100mins, 500texts while giving me a 30 day cancellation period. All this while they've been ringing me from 08452453200 but I've been missing the calls - so I ended up ringing them direct to sort the SIM only.

    Today (a couple of days after going Sim only) they rang me again and offered me my upgrade. I explained that I wanted the N85 but they didn't do it. The next logical step was the uber pricey N96 which I was well aware I didn't have a hope in hell of getting on my deal. 12 months is basically the breaker but I didn't want to go for longer.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short he said due to Nokia dropping the price and running an incentive he could offer me the N96 on 'my current deal' which he reiterated was £9.79pm (21p is the 2.5% vat drop) for 12 months. The phone would be free.

    He asked for 2 digits of my pin and read me out the other two so as far as I'm aware he was defo totally legit. Just took my new address and told me the phone would be out tomorrow.

    N96 - 12 months - £10 a month. How can that be right or are they THAT desperate to retain custom. Absolutely mental if I get that don't you feel?


    Thats a really good deal..i think they want customers..they were only too happy to drop the price of new contract for me y'day when i didnt liket he first deal and said i would have to think bout it and the phone arrived today


    ide wait till you receive it and the new contract 1st before getting to excited - lol

    I got a cracking deal off them not too long ago, I think they're having to battle to retain customers in the current climate, as they're not the cheapest network normally.


    that seems like a cracking deal, im waiting for them to send out my nokia 5800 which is currently out of stock!!agghh!!!

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    Sassie - Yeah that's what I thought. I've taken all the details like his name and time of call so I'd think my back is covered if it turns up as £30pm/18 months.

    I'll just send a letter and kick off if that's the case. (as well as sending the phone back of course!)

    Just wondering if this is a trend and they've been told for a week or so just to give out any deal they like to get numbers up. A PR stunt for want of better terminology.

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    that seems like a cracking deal, im waiting for them to send out my nokia … that seems like a cracking deal, im waiting for them to send out my nokia 5800 which is currently out of stock!!agghh!!!

    Ring them back and get an N96 mega cheap :thumbsup:


    to be honest i dont really want a n96 i do want the 5800, fancy having a new touch screen phone!!

    That seems a bit of a crazy deal, might be worth posting on Vodafone's forum as they can confirm the deal for you:

    The retains team have been known to give out better deals than they actually are.



    1) Its a cracking deal

    2) I don't like the N96 at all I was really disappointed when I tested it having used the N95 8GB for 12 months personally. Plasticy and the keypad is horrible.

    Still absolutely crazy deal
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