Crazy landlord - advice on locks

    My landlord is a crazy crazy lady. Her latest trick was to let herself in the flat on Saturday night when we were in!! I am quite clues up with all the legalities of that but was wondering if there was some sort of contraption I could fit to the door when I leave my flat so she can't get in with her keys? May be clutching at straws but I don't like the thought of her letting herself in when I'm not there. Tenants are allowed to change the locks without the landlords permission and I'm fairly certain she wouldn't allow that!
    Any advice suggestions would be great :-)


    LoL she would of got a slap for that

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    Ha ha - if she lets herself in again I think I might scream and shout and waive a baseball bat to scare the living daylights out of her and then say I thought she was a burgular!!

    get a house alarm that she has no control over then she'll panic when she does it when you are not there. Then maybe a neighbour will call the Police.

    Is she giving you any notice, its 24 hours isnt it? If she has no reason you could ask her not to. Be-careful what you do because you don't want to do anything to upset her too much.

    For example changing the locks without her permission might make her quite peed

    Are you renting through an agency or direct? Check your housing contract carefully. From memory all the places I have rented this would constitute a breach of contract, the landlord and agents are only allowed to visit having given 24 hours notice.

    what did you say when she came into your house!!!

    ps i would do teh alarm thing to....or just change the locks and dont tell her lol

    I used to have a problem with locks too.

    Canal boat holidays were a nightmare.

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    Yeah it's 24 hours - all written into the tenancy agreement but as I said she is a nut case. Not the only thing she's breached either - hasn't secured my deposit either, basically spent it and I served a court order on her today which she is going to love!! When she came in my boyfriend closed the door in her face - she said there was an emergency with the post!?!? Think I might get an alarm......

    Alarm. Definitely. There are some cheap diy ones too - should be enough to dissuade her.

    she sounds a total nut job!

    Think you should be looking up the "to let" section in your local paper.


    I used to have a problem with locks too.Canal boat holidays were a … I used to have a problem with locks too.Canal boat holidays were a nightmare.

    tut tut

    This is initially for travelling but it says access cannot be gained from outside with the lock fixed.…8-3

    We had dodgy landlords when we privately rented. They wanted to sell the house whilst we were at the start of a second 12 month contract, they did it behind our backs so when it sold (they didn't put a board up) they kept turning up- would bang on the living room window, not knock the door, then let theirselves in. They even went upstairs into my bedroom (when my partner had been sleeping over and he'd hid behind the door) they also stole my step-dad's pay check whilst we were out to try and blackmail us into getting us out. We were paying full rent and council tax so we could have whoever we wanted to stay so it back fired on him!
    The best one though was he turned the water off to our boiler, we heard this loud noise in the kitchen so we assumed it was the boiler. My partner's dad works with boilers so he came straight round and looked at it- and turned the water back on. The Landlord had spent the bond, he was a dodgy dealer anyway. He owned his own kitchen fitting business, and when we went up the loft to take our stuff down, my partner found a bag full of paperwork, assuming it was ours he bought it down- it was full of complaints from a lot of buyers who'd had dodgy work, different company details and also insurance claims with his car, claiming that other drivers had hit his car when you could tell it was his fault- the way he'd worded it and then crossed it out and the sheer number of claims!

    I don't think there's enough done to protect the genuine tenants privately renting, and I feel sorry for the genuine landlords who have their houses wrecked too!

    OP- Good luck with getting the money back. I'd look into having an alarm. We did leave a video camera running the one time whilst we were out but he didn't come in that time. Maybe you could try speaking to her and explain that although she owns the house, you rent it and by law she's got to give you 24 hours notice, and when she does turn up you want her to knock the door and wait- not let herself in whether you're there or not. Maybe give her a letter explaining all this and tell her she's breaking the law?

    why do people start renting privately without changing the locks as soon as they move in?

    You can get a door chain which has a lock - and when you leave the house - you can put the chain on from outside. The old lady we keep an eye on has started to get very paranoid that someone has been coming in when she is out so for peace of mind we got one of these fitted for her

    In your situation though, I would move

    If your contract forbids it, you cannot just change the locks like that.

    If she is being a nuisance, you are required to notify her the reason why you are considering changing the lock. You need to withdraw her right to access by letter.
    If she breaks the terms of the contract again, you then change the lock, and are required to replace it when you depart the premises.

    In regards to the unsecured deposit, what papers did you serve?
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