CRAZY prices!!

Found 2nd Dec 2006
Hi everyone,

SO! Today I got a leaflet through the door, advertising goods from a website called: - NOTE: not the actual website

Some examples of their prices:
TomTom GO 710 - £114.99
Ipod Nano 4GB - £59.99
USB Pen 8GB - £35.00 (thats not even the craziest price!)

On their website, they have PS3's advertised as £199 !!!! (with the old design of the PS3 too!)

What can be done about fraudsters like these? I'm sure some poor, unsuspecting person will end up losing money :-(

They've given an address and telephone number (to send cash and cheques and the "order form")

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One thing we can do is not link in to them. I've changed your link as I would rather not give them any more visitors or google rank.

The other thing we can do is just learn what looks blatantly false and don't fall for it.

The last most effective thing you can do is contact various watchdog agencies and the police.
Just checked, they also have their Bank Sort code and account number on the website...not that i'm condoning criminal behaviour, but if they were to get ripped off, i wouldn't mind!

" is the Company Trading name of Didier Drogba Limited"

What a bunch of cowboys!
Yeah, good point! Just knowing that someone down my street could get conned makes me MMAAADDD!!!!
This sounds like someone having a laugh.
Come on, a website that calls itself welovescams? I wonder if they have a good laugh anytime someone tries to buy something from them. I know I would.
I put that in X10.
Oh, LoL, that would've been classic if that's what it was called
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