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CRB application form...expired passport (can I still use it)

Posted 16th Dec 2009

Need to fill out a CRB check form, it asks for my passport number. Thing is, it has (very) recently expired... will they still accept it? It will take a while before Ican get a new passport and the CRB form needs to be sent asap.
Any thoughts?
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im not sure, maybe ring the passport office and see if you apply for a new passport will it be the same number, and if it is then you can write it on the form.
Can you give the CRB helpline a ring and explain the situation? it might save delays of taking a risk and it getting sent back
do you HAVE to put your passport no in or are there other things they want instead. Had my CRB 2years and cant remember what info I used.
Thanks guys

Yes, will ring them in the morning. Hope I can just use my old passport number. I HAVE to give my passport number, cannot just give other ID info apparently.
Thanks again
No I dont think an expired passport any good. Can you not use a driver licence?

But it's not compulsory to have a passport in this country. :?


I had a crb check a month ago and didn't put any passport info on the form:thumbsup:

But it's not compulsory to have a passport in this country. :?

I just did a CRB last month so I can help at daughters school - i DONT have a passport! Use drivers licence

I get an enhanced crb check every 3 year i have no passport.
So i would say you dont need to put it in ???
Oh, I was told I had to? I will phone the helpline tomorrow. Would be great if I don't have to enter passport number. Makes sense thinking about it, not everyone has a passport anyway.
Thanks again
Two things they prefer are passport and driver's license. However, some people have neither so there is a list of other documenatation they will accept.
Hi Im having the same problem with my passport because its invalid.. i asked about this and apparently its just to see the id of the person applying is the person showing the passport!! anyway just in case i put all the documention i could find name address and so on even my student card which has my photo on just in case.. hope this helps
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