Creaking floorboards in upstairs flat

Posted 28th Apr 2020
Not sure if this is the right pace to ask but I really need some sort of advice.

The flat above has really bad creaking floorboards above my bedroom, it sounds like thunder whenever someone is walking above. Is waking me up whenever that happens. 1am, 5am it can be any time.

I managed to get the landlords number or at least the handyman who came around to do some work. Have sent him videos of noise and explained everything. He cam around about 6 months ago and checked the noise and admitted it was bad and he would sort it. Obviously nothing has happened and I’m at my wits end.

Has anyone been in the same situation or is there anything legally I can do?

My flat is bought and upstairs is rented out otherwise I would have left a long time ago!

Its worth mentioning I’ve contacted the building managed company MOAT who brushed me off saying it’s normal living noise and only thing I can do is contact council and file noise complaint. Helpful.
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