Cream tea without clotted cream.

    Bought a tub of Tesco's finest clotted cream this afternoon with some scones, jam and Strawberrys to have a cream tea with. Cut opened the scones and spread them with jam and then opened the clotted cream sleave to find the seal missing from the top of tub and a dirty blue ink mark on the cream where the date should have been stamped onto the seal (at least in was in date).
    Went to my local Tesco ( not the store purchased from but a Tesco all the same) to complain and get an exchange and some compo for my trouble. Guy was sympathetic and said I could get another from the shelve but would not be able compo from this store and that I would have to go back to the store I purchased from which was a 20 mile round trip away.
    Anyway said I wasn't happy to do that but he was adament this was the case.
    Cut a long story short they had no clotted cream in stock so was forced to eat my scones and jam without clotted cream.
    Rant over. GERRR


    I've got some, want a bit ?

    Original Poster


    I've got some, want a bit ?

    Yes please.:-D
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