Create separate bank account for this eBay direct payment thing

Posted 26th May 2021
wasn't sure where to ask for advise due to this change. Tried asking elsewhere too.

I don't like the idea of having to link ebay directly to my main (and only) bank account, are there any options out there? seems a little overboard to have to create a whole new bank account to continue to use ebay. i do have some things that i need to sell that i do not think will sell locally, one hasn't when i tried Facebook.

i am only selling bits and bobs so i know it doesn't need to be a (i think the phrase is) business account. is creating a new bank account my only option?

what do i need to look for in terms of what its (account type or whether) called as this bank stuff is all double dutch to me? I don't want to pay back fees etc.
do i just call my current bank and say i want a new separate account please? am i even allowed to ask this of my bank?

Many thanks
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