Hi guys, summer is approaching and the weather is nice enough to finally be able to go outside and use my old weights bench.

    I'm looking for a good deal or source for some Creatine, i know there a lot of sellers on ebay but would be interested to know any cheap sources out there.

    Thanks guys


    You could check out Holland & Barrett as its normally a decent price in their when they have their sales on

    Does creatine actually work? From what ive heard its a waste of money?

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    Hi thanks guys, I found
    They do a price match guarantee and i also found a promotional code MP61186 to get 5% off.

    BTW yes it does work, but not in the way a lot of people think. It wont make you gain muscle on its own but it restores ATP which is the energy you use when doing weights, so in effect it allows you to do more reps in a sessions, and in turn allowing for faster muscle growth.

    My husband always gets his from Holland & Barrett when they do it at half price.

    Yeah Holland & Barrett should be having their sale soon, shouldn't they?
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