Creating a Bedroom Speaker set up

    I am looking to invest in a 32 Inch LG (the £243 LG on Amazon) and get a decent pair of speakers for my room. I don't want a 5.1 because it will be a bit expensive. I have a budget of about 250 to buy an Amp with and 3 speakers (centre speaker and 2 floorstanders maybe?). Do you have any recommendations?


    if you look around on here there are 32" tv going sub £200, in terms of speakers i would just buy some logitech x-530's an amp alone is going to cost you 100+

    i bought an onkyo amp for £70 on ebay with hdmi inputs and used some old 5.1 speakers. Then picked up a yamaha amp for the games room for £50 complete with sub and 4 speakers and stands.

    Look on ebay should pick up a decent amp and speakers and have money to spare.

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    Any recommendations for Amps?
    Once i've got this Amp and the speakers is it simply just plugging and playing or do i need specific cables for specific speakers etc.

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    look on ebay, your bound to find a amp. I got a Sony one, i hardly turn the thing on, im in need of a small subwoofer at the moment but cant find anything cheapish!

    Im waiting till after exams till i kit the room out
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