Creating A Fence Out of Conifers Or Similar?

    Was thinking on doing this.

    But cost effectively. Does anyone know anywhere online that sells cheap conifers. I would be looking to buy around 30




    I prefer a privert hedge. much better looking IMHO. conifer hedges can become a nightmare ive been told

    Don't use fir trees. they don't last too long. A nice privet or Laurel. Laurels can grow very big,so depends on what height you will need to keep trimming.


    We got our Leylandi really cheap from Focus.

    They usually do them on a buy one get two free offer.

    Give your local store a ring.


    Conifers are unsightly , beech hedging is class .

    we have a laurel hedge in the rear garden and a pieris "forest flame" hedge in the front garden which looks spectacular in the spring time,,, the forest flame is the more expensive option
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