Creating a form easily filled in on an iPad

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Found 15th Dec 2016
I'm currently trying to update a really old paper based system, I have several forms I need people to fill in using an iPad, just using Word won't be possible as the people who fill them in are not incredibly tech savvy so will panic when is messes up the formatting etc. Plus, the company doesn't have an Office 365 account so we can't edit Word files on the iPads anyway.

So basically I'm looking at converting the forms we already have into a really easily filled in format. Any ideas?

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You might want to consider PDF Office by Readdle (on App Store) which can convert office files, photos etc to PDF forms. There is a free version but I suspect you will need the $40 a year subscription. I don't have any personal experience with it but the reviews seem quite positive.

try Google docs

I read about Google forms on here a few week back and it's not bad you can create drop down menus etc…ut/
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