Posted 20th Oct 2022 (Posted 9 h, 27 m ago)
Is there any simple way to create an image of an Android phone in the same way as Macrium reflect on a PC?

Son has just killed his phone so I'm giving him my Galaxy S9 bit have a lot of messages etc that I'd like to back up for reference.

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    There are a few ways you can backup a phone.

    Easiest is just use backup on the phone. It backs upto your Google account. Reset the phone, then your son can setup and restore his account.

    Use a backup app like super backup or similar.

    Acronis for android let's you backup to a computer.…up/

    To create an image like on a computer. You need to do whats called a nandroid backup. Some phones have to be rooted to do it. The links below give details of the different apps and instructions to follow. Can't guarantee if you can do it, or get it to work or not with your phone.…up/…tml…kup (edited)
    I found that just letting google do the backup + 'SMS Backup and Restore' backed up an amazing amount of my phone for minimal effort.

    (assuming that you've got Photos backing up your photos and WhatsApp is set for nightly backups)
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    A disk image doesn't really work for phones as each phone has Android tailored to it. Just set up a regular backup as @C0mm0d0re_K1d has suggested and you will then get everything back on whichever new phone you get. App specific settings may still have to be redone though.
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    Forgive. Maybe you don't want to spend money. However.
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