Creative V plus 4GB - HELP?????

    hey i got one for christmas..and since i formated my pc and the player ran out of battery...ive not been able to connect it to my pc or charge the battery properly...

    ive uninstalled the software and installed it...about 3 times....and i connect the cable, it says it is charging, and when i unplug it, the battery is still red and not gona up. and it says its not connected to the pc even tho it used to work worried its nackerd...i bought it from amazon in about november...

    any ideas or advice? TIA :?


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    anyone know where to download drivers? incase thats the prob?

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    thanks..ive tried has a few apps but no drivers..strange tho...

    and its working ok with my laptop....something up with my pc i think...

    your usb ports prob need configuring its happened to my webcam i dont know what to do.

    have u tried diabling removing drivers?
    then rebooting?

    Trying uninstalling the drivers, Reboot the PC and then plug it in (If its plug and play it should install the right drivers, If on Xp)

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    ive done it 5 times

    works fine on my laptop...and worked fine on my pc until i formatted

    is anything else connected to the usb port?
    try disabling the pci too
    maybe they need drivers
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