Creative Zen or Sansa View or S/H Ipod Touch - Which to go for - all 16GB

    OK I'm looking to get a new mp3 player with video capabilities and have approx £100 burning a hole in my pocket.

    Use will be mainly music but some video would be nice, not so much movies but short TV programmes and YouTube Videos. Screen would be too small to watch a whole movie on I think.

    So I can get the Zen for £90 or so when they are back at Amazon. Good points that I can determine are good audio quality nice screen good user interface, but you need to encode video using special sotware, the SD card does not integrate with the user interface and not sure if it is true drag nad drop.

    Or I can get the Sansa View from Currys for £99. Nice menus, easy to use video (can it play YouTube stuff?) nice format and the ipod style jog wheel thingy, but audio quality not as good as the creative (or is it) bigger than the Zen true drag and drop.

    Alternatively I can look for a used Ipod Touch on the bay for approx £130. Cool gadget, much bigger screen, touch iterface, but bigger and must use itunes to get stuff onto it, mind you I currently have a 2GB Nano 2nd gen. But is that big screen really too fragile, is the unit really too big, it it really all hype about the Touch, hence so many on the Bay

    any idea, comments, advice, real user views gratefully received




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    is a second hand ipod a good idea?

    why are there so many for sale?


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    bump bump

    on my creative zen vision m i dont have to convert videos all of the avi's ive tried have worked fine

    I have a Creative ZEN and would recommend it to anyone, can't get a better sounding MP3 player and the screen is really good. I have to reduce the resolution of my AVI files using PocketDivX but other than that it's smashin'
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