Creative Zen Vision Harddrive broken


    I have a Creative Zen Vision:M 30GB and I think my harddrive has a fault. The player hangs when I watch some movies and it skip out some of my music tracks

    Can anyone give me some advice as to how to get it repaired as I've had it over a year.

    Would It be possible for me to purchase a harddrive and fit it in myself?


    I had a problem with my Creative Zen Xtra, but it was within warranty so they just sent me a new one. It might be worth asking Creative for a quote for a repair, though.

    there should be a troubleshooting guide to do a check on teh hard drive, my old Zen Xtra had that option. You could also try getting all your data off it to back-up and then resetting it and reinstalling the OS?

    I know there were some online guides from people on how to fit a new drive, try googling for it as I'm sure someone out there will have done it at some point.

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    Look at the last post on this page for a possible … Look at the last post on this page for a possible fix:

    I'll have a go at that

    Thanks for your help mate


    I'll have a go at thatThanks for your help mate

    No probs, hope it works. If not then have a look in the Creative forum and ask the question in there, those guys are really helpful in my experience! :thumbsup:
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