CREATIX V.9x DSP Data-Fax-Modem Type CTX402_8

    I've just found in my spares box, what appears to be a PCI Fax Modem.
    What would I use this for?
    I'm pretty sure I've never used this.
    Is it worth selling?


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    If you don't want or need it, then I would sincerely suggest that you either Freecycle it or throw it away. It is next to worthless these days. It is a dial up modem for connecting to the internet through a phone line.


    Under the WEEE regulations it needs to be recycled not thrown away.

    you could use it to send faxes from your PC

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    Would I be right in thinking I could just drop this off at PC World for recycling.
    I think I heard that you can drop off almost anything electrical/electronic with them for free.
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