Found 28th Aug 2016
Has anyone used Curve which is a MasterCard that can combine your current cards. From what I've seen you load your cards onto the app and then you get a Curve MasterCard which you then use as normal but with the app you can decide which account/card the Purchase goes on.

It sounds good just wondering if anyone has used it?



whats the appeal of it? cant think of why someone would want this...

I've used it and it works well.
The idea is, if you have several different bank accounts or credit cards you can load all of these into the curve app and then you only need to take 1 card out with you rather than several. You can change which card you pay with using the app.
You also get better FX rates than most main bank cards - its similar to the Travelex SuperCard just not aimed 100% at the FX market.

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Thank you Paul are there any negatives?

I got one and really impressed so far

1. Amex is not supported because they pulled out of the deal.
2. you lose section 75 consumer protection from your actual credit card for larger purchases (£100+ purchases)
3. you have to buy the Curve card

i did order one but cancelled like many others after Amex pulled out. there was a ridiculously long wait time for delivery and I cancelled before they shipped mine.
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