Credit Card balance transfer 0% ???

    Does anyone know any good offers on Credit card balance transfers etc?
    Pref 12 months interest free etc.



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    Just found this site can anyone beat 13 months?

    Check out this site.......they usually have loads of details about the best on offer, which all depends on wether you pay it all off at every interval or want to clear it etc....…rds

    What about an M&S card with 3.9% fixed for life and no BT fee?

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    Thank you for these links

    There are not many 0% balance transfers that do not charge.The one i went for was the hsbc card as this gives you 0% on balance transfers until April 2008 but they charge you 2% which evaluates to £20 for ever £1000 transferred over it also gives you 6 months 0% on purchases as well.Hope this helps.
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