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Found 30th Jul 2014
If I have a credit limit of £1500 on one card but request a balance transfer of £2000 to another card, will this be accepted & the £500 show as a credit balance on the original card? Does anyone know if this is possible or any other way to do it? I want to clear credit card & overdraft but new card doesn't offer overdraft transfer. Any help appreciated!


Hi, my understanding is that it would for a short time, once the credit card company realise its in credit they will write to you advising it is in credit and that they will refund it to you, i was in credit for about a week with my credit card until they contacted me, by then i had spent it :).... also if you open a barclaycard they will transfer straight to your bank account.hope this helps

Depends on your card company, a few years ago I used to be a regular "Card Tart" switching between card companies using their interest free periods as free loans, this is before they started charging. All were happy for me to have a credit balance, and as I used the card for spending, often the monthly payment amount was £0 as I was still in credit. Happy days.

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